Jewellery Cleaning

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Professional Jewellery Cleaning Service

Keeping your jewellery looking it’s best is not always easy. Any jewellery will gather dust and grime constantly, which can make it look tired and dull. In some cases, permanent damage can happen, particularly with more delicate stones if left for prolonged periods.

We are always happy to give free advice and tips on how to keep your precious items clean, in just a few minutes, once or twice a week, without any expertise. We also sell a range of cleaning products, which are detailed below.

However, we do recommend that you have your jewellery thoroughly cleaned, polished and checked over by a professional at regular intervals. Insurance companies will usually insist that this is done at least once every year for valuable items.

At Riordan’s we provide a comprehensive cleaning and appraisal service, with a written report for your insurers if required. Please feel free to call or pop in for further information.


Our range of jewellery cleaning products from Connoisseurs are perfect as small gifts to help keep their jewellery sparkling all the time.

Jewellery Beauty Wipes are great for on the go jewellery cleaning of silver, gold, platinum, diamonds and precious stones. The dry wipes contain an anti-tarnish shield to keep your jewellery looking clean and shiny, and each wipe can be re-used until it stops cleaning.

£7.99 per pack (25 wipes in each)

The Diamond Dazzle Stik is something of a jewellery cleaning revolution. Easy to use, simply brush the cleaning gel onto your diamonds, precious stones and gold or platinum settings, then rinse off and dry. The micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents in the cleaning gel keep your stones and diamonds looking radiant, and it also contains a special polymer to fill in tiny scratches in the jewellery setting. With up to 50 uses per Dazzle Stik and small enough to fit in your bag or pocket, this is a fantastic piece of jewellery cleaning equipment.


Jewellery Beauty Buffs are available for Gold or Silver Jewellery. A breeze to use, the lighter cloth cleans the jewellery in the first step and then the darker cloth polishes the jewellery afterwards. Not only do the cloths clean, but they also remove tarnish and help to prevent future tarnish from occurring – great for keeping your jewellery looking brand new!

£7.99 each

For a more thorough clean, the Jewellery Beauty Baths are an ideal choice. Available for Silver, Precious (gold, platinum, diamonds and precious stones) and Delicate (semi-precious stones and pearls), these baths can be used for all types of fine jewellery! Simply dip the items into the solution for the stated time, use the added brush if necessary to gently brush the jewellery, then rinse thoroughly and dry. The cleaning solution also contains special polymers to reduce the appearance of tiny scratches in jewellery settings, helping to keep your jewellery in tip-top shape.

£5.99 each

Please enquire at either our Showroom or our Workshop & Design Studio to purchase, or for more information about the Connoisseurs range.