Behind The Scenes

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In action

To give you a ‘behind the scenes’ peek into the Workshop and the jewellery-making process, we have some photos and videos to demonstrate exactly what happens.

Quite often our customers will bring in pieces of old jewellery which they no longer wear and are looking to have remade instead. If we are able to work with their gold then it has to be melted down in order to create the new piece, so we want to share with you what a typical jewellery ‘melt’ looks like.

We are not always able to melt down and re-use all of customers’ precious metals for various reasons.
For example, some pieces of hollow jewellery are often full of impurities and can either melt completely under the heat or cause issues such as cracking when working with the newly melted material. It can take several melts to get rid of the impurities in some metal, reducing the amount of material which is left for the jewellers to work with.
However, our jewellers can advise on which pieces of old jewellery they feel will be best to work with or offer to offset any unsuitable material as scrap against the cost of fresh metal.

 (Interesting fact: As the impurities burn out of the metal they can create green and blue flames, similar to a mini Aurora Borealis!)