Between us, we have over 50 years of experience working on every type of jewellery. With a blend of traditional skills and techniques alongside modern methods and the latest equipment, we are able to tackle even the most demanding and complex repairs to the highest standard. From simple chain repairs and ring adjustments, through to complete renovations of old settings, including replacement of missing gemstones.

Keeping your jewellery looking it’s best is not always easy. Any jewellery will gather dust and grime constantly, which can make it look tired and dull. In some cases, permanent damage can happen, particularly with more delicate stones if left for prolonged periods.

We are always happy to give free advice and tips on how to keep your precious items clean, in just a few minutes, once or twice a week, without any expertise.

However, we do recommend that you have your jewellery thoroughly cleaned, polished and checked over by a professional at regular intervals. Insurance companies will usually insist that this is done at least once every year for valuable items.

At Riordan’s we provide a comprehensive cleaning and appraisal service, free of charge.